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A midget fortune-teller who escapes from prison is a small medium at large. Four fonts walk into a bar.

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A T-shirt (or t shirt, or tee) is a style of unisex fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. It normally has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar.T-shirts are generally made of a stretchy, light and inexpensive fabric and are easy to clean.
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Men's Comfortsoft T-Shirt (Pack Of 4)

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The World's Oldest preserved garment, discovered by Flinders Petrie , is a "highly sophisticated" linen shirt from a First Dynasty Egyptian tomb at Tarkan , c. The small fringe formed during weaving along one edge of the cloth has been placed by the designer to decorate the neck opening and side seam. The shirt was an item of clothing that only men could wear as underwear, until the twentieth century.

In medieval artworks, the shirt is only visible uncovered on humble characters, such as shepherds , prisoners, and penitents. The shirt sometimes had frills at the neck or cuffs. In the sixteenth century, men's shirts often had embroidery , and sometimes frills or lace at the neck and cuffs and through the eighteenth century long neck frills, or jabots , were fashionable. They were considered casual wear, for lower-class workers only, until the twentieth century.

For a gentleman, "to wear a sky-blue shirt was unthinkable in but had become standard by and, in , constituted the most commonplace event. European and American women began wearing shirts in , when the Garibaldi shirt , a red shirt as worn by the freedom fighters under Giuseppe Garibaldi , was popularized by Empress Eugénie of France. In Hannah Montague, a housewife in upstate New York, invents the detachable collar. It wasn't until the s that collar stays became popular, although these early accessories resembled tie clips more than the small collar stiffeners available today.

Many terms are used to describe and differentiate types of shirts and upper-body garments in general and their construction. The smallest differences may have significance to a cultural or occupational group. Recently, late twentieth century, into the twenty-first century it has become common to use tops as a form of advertisement.

Many of these distinctions apply to other upper-body garments, such as coats and sweaters. Our expertise lies in the cutting and stitching of polo shirts with printed or embroidered illustrations, buttons, zips and accessories for male, female and children.

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Finished garments are finished using natural dyes in your own fabric patone colour choice and finished in your requested fabric technique whether it is brushed, carbonised treated or other specialized finish.

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We produce high quality fabric in volume in order to keep the manufacturing cost low for our customers. Our expertise lies in the cutting and stitching of sweatshirts with printed or embroidered illustrations, buttons, zips and accessories for male, female and children. Current versions are available in many different designs and fabrics, and styles include crew-neck and V-neck shirts. T-shirts are among the most worn garments of clothing used today.

T-shirts are especially popular with branding for companies or merchandise, as they are inexpensive to make and purchase. T-shirts were originally worn as undershirts, but are now worn frequently as the only piece of clothing on the top half of the body, other than possibly a brassiere or, rarely, a waistcoat vest.

T-shirts have also become a medium for self-expression and advertising, with any imaginable combination of words, art and photographs on display. A T-shirt typically extends to the waist. Variants of the T-shirt, such as the V-neck, have been developed. Hip hop fashion calls for tall-T shirts which may extend down to the knees. A similar item is the T-shirt dress or T-dress, a dress-length T-shirt that can be worn without pants.

A s trend in women's clothing involved tight-fitting cropped T-shirt or crop tops short enough to reveal the midriff. Another less popular trend is wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt of a contrasting color over a long-sleeved T-shirt, which is known as layering. T-shirts that are tight to the body are called fitted , tailored or baby doll T-shirts.

The rise of online shopping in the early to s caused a proliferation of new T-shirt ideas and trends. While several brick-and-mortar chains included these items in their inventories, many of these shirts were pioneered by online start-ups.

Innovations included the flip-up T-shirt, which the wearer can lift and stretch over their head to display an interior print, and all-over print clothing. With the rise of social media and video sharing sites also came numerous tutorials on DIY T-shirt projects. Since the s, T-shirts have flourished as a form of personal expression. It has also been commonly used to commemorate an event, or to make a political or personal statement.

Since the s, it has become common practice for companies of all sizes to produce T-shirts with their corporate logos or messages as part of their overall advertising campaigns. Since the late s and especially the s, T-shirts with prominent designer-name logos have become popular, especially with teenagers and young adults. These garments allow consumers to flaunt their taste for designer brands in an inexpensive way, in addition to being decorative. These examples also include representations of rock bands, among other obscure pop-culture references.

Licensed T-shirts are also extremely popular. Movie and TV T-shirts can have images of the actors, logos, and funny quotations from the movie or TV show. Often, the most popular T-shirts are those that characters wore in the film itself e. Designer Katharine Hamnett , in the early s, pioneered outsize T-shirts with large-print slogans.

The trend has only increased later in this decade, embraced by celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton , and reflected back on them, too 'Team Aniston'. The political and social statements that T-shirts often display have become, since the first decade of the 21st century, one of the reasons that they have so deeply permeated different levels of culture and society.

The statements also may be found to be offensive, shocking, or pornographic to some. Many different organizations have caught on to the statement-making trend, including chain and independent stores, websites, and schools.

Paris Fashion Week featured a grunge style T-shirt. In the early s, several companies based in Miami, Florida , started to decorate T-shirts with different resort names and various characters. Later, other companies expanded into the T-shirt printing business, including Sherry Manufacturing Company, also based in Miami. Sherry, was founded in by its owner and founder Quentin H. Sandler as a screen printer of Souvenir Scarf's to the souvenir resort market. Shortly, the company evolved into one of the largest screen printed resort and licensed apparel companies in the United States.

The company now runs automatic Screen Print presses and produces up to 10, to 20, T Shirts each day. In the s, the ringer T-shirt appeared and became a staple fashion for youth and rock-n-rollers. The decade also saw the emergence of tie-dyeing and screen-printing on the basic T-shirt and the T-shirt became a medium for wearable art, commercial advertising , souvenir messages, and protest art messages.

Psychedelic art poster designer Warren Dayton pioneered several political, protest, and pop-culture art printed large and in color on T-shirts featuring images of Cesar Chavez, political cartoons, and other cultural icons in an article in the Los Angeles Times magazine in late ironically, the clothing company quickly cancelled the experimental line, fearing there would not be a market.

Monster T-shirts often feature emblems and motifs associated with the Grateful Dead and marijuana culture. Today, many notable and memorable T-shirts produced in the s have become ensconced in pop culture. In the mids, the white T-shirt became fashionable after the actor Don Johnson wore it with an Armani suit in Miami Vice. The most common form of commercial T-shirt decoration is screen-printing.

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