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Trademark registration was granted on December 28, Old Navy doesn't need anymore customers apparently. Heidi November 22, Would not accept because one tag had been removed and the others had been washed. YOU got a hello.

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Old Navy's plus size customers hit out at the store's insulting website layout which assigns double the space to larger clothing category. A Reddit user posted a screen grab from the store's.
Gap Inc. will partner with Stores Specialists, Inc., which operates Gap brand and Banana Republic stores in-market, to open two Old Navy locations in the beginning of with plans to open additional stores by the end of the same fiscal year.
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Old Navy Card services customer care is a joke. I wanted to pay my bill online, but their site was down. I was forced to process my payment through their automated system to assure it was made on time. I store all of my payment confirmation emails for my records. I did not receive an option for this standard email via their automated system. I called their customer care back to ask for an email for my records and was hung up on while holding.

I called back a second time and was told I can not have an email. My email is on file, it was confirmed with me. And they offered to read me my confirmation number. I asked again for them to use the email on file and email me my conformation to keep with all the others.

Was still told no. I then escalated to a supervisor named Pete Mitchell who would not provide me with an email either. I asked if his supervisor was available and he told me no and to try to call back during normal business hours and he STILL continued to offer to read me an conformation number. I asked for the corporate number and was told there is not one. I conceded to take it and he provided me a PO box.

I asked for the physical address for corporate and was told he does not have one. All I needed was an email. Now I am a livid and highly dissatisfied customer. The least helpful any business has ever been. I am beyond disgusted with the restroom in this facility. They have always been dirty but tonight was worse.

The womens toliet had pubic hair, urine dripping off the seat, and a urine soaked floor. So then i try to wash the filth from my hands and the water does not work. I sent my child to the mens restroom to wash up and it was just as deplorable. It even had feces smeared on the toliet, soaked floor again and the smell was awful. I had footprints of urine into the hallway and I didnt even want to put my shoes in my vehichle.

I was at one of the Old Navy locations in la crosse wisconsin a couple of weeks ago when i came acrssed the worst customer service ever. I understand that in most places, it is policy if not policy, then frowned upon to set your personal life differneces aside when you are at your work place. She does however go to my school. But besides that i have no spoken a word to her other than this day.

As im struggling to find a style of jeans that i was planning to buy, i go to the next step and ask a floor associate. I walk to the girl and excuse myself then proceed to ask if she could show me where they would be. She merely aknowledges me followed by a rude and abrupt comment. I wont leave it listed on this as i dont think corporate would appreciate it up for the world to see. The bottom line is, YES i saw she was working on a project.

Tell me if im wrong but part of employees job is to direct the customer to help them find what they are looking for. She made it clear that what she was doing was more important than anything i could have been looking for. I really have no idea but if i had to guess id say i wasnt the only customer she had treated like this. I would like to hear back from some body as soon as possible to onow what action will be taken as i know corporate and myself are not okay with this.

Last time i go to old navy since that was the closest one by me. I was in the changing room at your Mays Landing NJ store Hamilton Twnshp after trying on several items I was getting dressed and looking in the mirror I could plainly see a camera. I immediately felt ill came out of the room and a woman was waiting to come in and she took one look at me and asked if I was ok. I was crying so she got a worker who was standing close by and when she came I went to show her and she said right away oh the camera I can assure you its not facing your dressing room!!

I left the store hysterical and phoned my husband who told me to call the police asap and to go back in and take pictures which I did. The police came a report was done the employee would let me see the film just the officer after several phone calls and a lot of persuading from the officer and myself I was allowed to view tapes.

I did not see anything in my dressing room it was aimed down the hallway but could very easily be turned. The employee even said they have spoken to corporate several times.

I am not finished with this I expect to hear back from someone. I bought a pair of Bermuda shorts probably 3 maybe 4 years ago and wish that they would bring them back because I love the style and fit! I was able to buy 2 pairs and I baby them, wash them and hang to dry! They are denim, loose fitting above the knees and fit slightly below belly button, Very comfortable. I check every year to see if this could be the year! They must of sold well because I had a hard time finding them in my size.

I have 3 charges that I got credits on my charge card due to items not received. I contacted Old Navy when the 3 packages were not received and I was told to go directly through my bank.

I did do just that. The credits were given back. I guess then citi-prepaid got further information from Old Navy showing the orders placed.

I do not dispute placing the orders. Now the charges that were once credited have been rebilled and I am being told by my card holder to contact Old Navy directly to make the credits happen this time. You will see that I have placed orders since but now I have everything shipped to my place of employment and with signature required so I am assured the packages are now received. I reported them to the BBB.

The bottom line is , I spend a lot of money in Old Navy. I went out of my way to go to the store on Black Friday to get a price adjustment. The money I would have saved would have been spent there anyway. There are plenty of others stores where I can shop for my kids. You just lost a loyal customer.

I have been to this store many times and never had any complaints. My dissappointment had nothing to do with the employees or store in general, but with the return policy. Now while I understand the reasoning behind the policy, I would like to add that there should be room for adjustments. I tried to exchange some sweat pants I had purchased for my son 10 days prior because yes after they were washed they fit him shorter in the legs.

I was pretty surprised since I have been an Old Navy customer for at least the last 17 years. I left with my sons short pants and nothing more. I would request you to reconsider the return policy to include store credit or an even exchange within 30 days of purchase as long as you have a receipt. I look forward to a response. Thank you, Lena Decker. Every year our spiritual organization makes packages of gloves, socks, and scarves to distribute to a local shelter that we support each month.

We were wondering whether we could procure scarves directly from the warehouses. Our goal each year is about packages. Hi my name is Anna Johnson I am 27 years old from a little town called Russellville Kentucky and the reason I am emailing you is because me and my sister have started our own business and we would like sponsors what we do is take pictures that she has taken of nature or some friends of ours had drawn and we put them on our site and people order t-shirts, pictures, pillow cases basically whatever they want and we put either their names on them or sayings and we would like it if you would sponsor us.

I would like to know if Old Navy can donate over stock school age clothing that can be donated to a charity for back to school kids who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Is there a process to how to go about doing this? I live in Lynnwood, Washington if that makes a difference. Maternity dresses are available in multiple colors and styles, such as sweater dresses and jersey dresses, while skirts run the gamut from maxi to mini and include various patterns and designs.

Jeans are among the most popular clothing items at Old Navy in general, and the maternity line offers a range of full-panel and low-panel jeans so that you can choose the optimal style for the current stage of your pregnancy. Shopping from Old Navy Maternity even gives you the option to choose clothes based on your trimester.

Shorts, leggings, cords, workout pants, linen pants, and more are also all available with different panel options to accommodate your belly. The brand has a great selection of specialty items like outerwear and swimwear, which allows you to stock up on these necessary items without breaking the bank. Choose from all different levels of jackets and sweatshirts as well as one- or two-piece swimsuits in a range of styles. Old Navy Maternity even has you covered right after giving birth with a selection of tops, dresses, camis, and tanks that make nursing easy.

The success of Old Navy has been so monumental since its introduction 20 years ago that it almost overshadows its parent company. The Old Navy brand has become synonymous with quality clothing at an affordable price, and the company has been making strides to diversify its product line so that almost everyone is included.

Old Navy Maternity is a prime example of how devoted the brand is to becoming a one-stop shop for its customers, because expectant moms can find almost anything they might need for pregnancy and beyond.

While these garments aren't going to be quite as comfortable or durable as more upscale Gap brands, they come very close. We give Old Navy Maternity 4.

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Canada outlets by State provides the latest fashions at great prices for the whole family. Shop Men's, Women's and Kids' departments, Womens Plus, and clothing for baby and maternity wear. Also find big and tall sizes for adults and extended sizes for kids. Enjoy Famous $5 Shipping on every order. Find a store location near you and don't miss out on Old Navy sale and promo events! Store Locator. Customer Service. Orders & Returns. Gift Cards. Buy eGift Cards. Buy Gift Cards. Your Rewards & Offers. Old Navy Credit Card. Manage My Account. French Canada. Brands. List of Old Navy stores locations in Canada (87 stores). Find Old Navy near you in Canada Cities, Provinces and Territories. Old Navy hours, locations, flyers, phone numbers and service information/5(10).

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