How to wear leggings over 40, an extensive guide

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I think for me the key would be to find leggings which are dressier in fabrication that usual knit type. I need knee highs at least even in pretty mild conditions. I am in a wheelchair and age Liverpool blue leggings — Halogen sweater blazer — Chaus cowl neck top — Earth booties — Lodis green clutch bag. I am going to invest in a sewing machine and get snipping x.

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With leggings like that, I will wear a mid-thigh length tunic without pause, but I won’t wear thinner leggings at all. In any case where I’d wear thinner leggings, I may as well wear tights because the feet are more convenient to have.
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I preferred the combinations with woven tops and knitwear, as opposed to knitted tops made of jersey because they created a more luxurious look. Keeping the outfits neutral does seem to add a sense of chic to an otherwise very casual bottom. Tunics that are shorter and less oversized, like the next set of examples, are probably more wearable, but the visual effect is less dramatic. I also like the idea of adding black leggings to high-low maxi dresses like the ones shown here, thereby taking the look from a frock to a trouser outfit.

Remember that a pair of black denim jegggings or Ponte pants will substitute for a pair of leggings if you prefer wearing a more substantial pair of bottoms.

I enjoyed wearing zippered black leggings under woven dresses and pencil skirts because it was comfortable, warm, and turned the look into a trouser outfit. As long as I could keep the outfit somewhat soft and very crisp by combining leggings with dressier woven tops and sometimes jackets in luxurious fabrications, I loved the look.

They also have the structure I need to feel fully dressed, something I could not articulate on my own but you describe well. I need knee highs at least even in pretty mild conditions. I love this look.

It is one that is easily wearable and as you say, extends the wear of dresses in colder climates. I am not usually a neutrals girl but I can see that adding blue leggings to my oversize blue shirtdress would cause me to look like I am 12 years old!

My relationship with leggings is complicated. First, like you said, they are best worn in mild temperatures. That gives a very short window of time, living in Canada. Second, I only like them when the tunic is at least knee length, any shorter and it loses all the attraction. I am talking about myself only. I have seen people rocking leggings with shorter length tunics too. Do they rather wear their leggings long or cropped, in HK?

I have trouble visualizing some combinations, like: I think I need pictures just kidding. Love the first white tunic.

I love the look, the sophisticated flair that they can add to an outfit.. I love the comfort…I am just an all around leggings girl…The assymetrical look that you showed first in the black and white is perfect…hey Deborah, this is so you…I am glad you featured leggings…I like that they are style worthy..

Take it easy and readjust to a different beat…. Welcome back, intrepid travelers! I hope it was not much of a shock to return to colder and lass sunny weather to you at least yours is not an Arctic freeze like ours. I quite like the first pictures but to my eye the models look like wearing very slim cropped pants rather than true leggings: I think for me the key would be to find leggings which are dressier in fabrication that usual knit type.

It may open new opportunity for dresses which are otherwise too short to wear with bare legs. I love leggings and wear them often with longer tunics. Yes to black leggings, and yes to black jeggings! I love how comfortable and versatile they are, and because I have very dark brown hair which most people think is black at a glance I find I feel very put together when I wear them. Thanks for the leggings inspiration!

Princess Leggings reporting in!! Well you knew I would be excited to see leggings in a post!! I do personally find styling long hemlines with leggings tricky in winter. Fine in summer where you can show bare arms for structure but with jacket, midi, leggings it can be tough to create balance without a very high heel — which I would not wear on a daily basis.

I would think cropped toppers over those long tunics especially showing a bit or forearm would be very pretty. Besides baring some skin at the ankle, is there any other way to make leggings look like leggings and not like hosiery?

Welcome home, Angie and Greg! And thank you for sharing your adventures on your holiday with us! I guess everybody on the forum knows my complicated history with leggings! I am giving these looks a pass. For whatever reasons, leggings and I do not get along very well. However, I will eagerly jump on the asymmetrical top bandwagon and wear them with some other kind of bottom, probably a tube skirt! I was never a big leggings person but do like how they look with longer dresses — I like them better in the place of tights than pants I think.

I hope that Seattle is having Hong Kong weather for you. I have not worn leggings much in the past but would like to explore the look with narrow Ponte or woven trousers. In the past I suspect that I was using too much volume for my frame. The window for wearing these before it turns hot can be very short. I would love to do a summer version with linen or thin cotton to explore the covered up but cool. I look forward to seeing how you and others are sporting the look. The photos you show look great.

I also have a complicated history with leggings. I keep defaulting to my ponte jeggings for the same look. Nonetheless I keep trying here and there, to change up from denim. I think leggings look great, and I like them with all of the looks you have posted except not so much with the mullet dresses.

However, I have a poor personal relationship with leggings for reasons of comfort. I am one of the few women who finds leggings less, not more, comfy than jeans! Yanking up the waist of your pants all day long is not elegant. Oh no, not leggings again! I experienced a leggings overkill a few years ago and have been so happy that they are gone.

This is something I have to think on. Weekends see me in jeans. My climate is nowhere near as mild as Hong Kong, so bundling up in the winter is a must. The drama of those longer tops is compelling. I will play with the look, yet not likely to wear actual leggings.

I love these looks!! I also love wearing leggings under dresses and longer tops. I love the looks you show here with converse. I think I need to add one of these assymetrical tops to my shopping list! My one rule is that leggings, by themselves, are not pants. Anyone over the age of 12 that wears leggings in public should have her bum covered by a longer top or dress at all times.

Last week I bought an ink blue sleeveless silk tunic in Nashville. I love idea that the leggings will give structure to an otherwise very relaxed look. I bought two long asymmetrical tops that I pair with black skinnies. These are my looks — and have been forever.

I am in love with the ivory asymmetric tunic in pic 1 — what a gorgeous piece! I do think they look best when they are new — or newish — meaning culling out the older pairs on a regular basis is necessary. I agree black is the best color for this look although I think charcoal can also work. I love these outfits, Angie…especially the first set…so chic and elegant.

I would definitely try this again. I am always game to try something to get out of the daily jean routine and still be comfortable. I could use a new pair, however, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

This is one of my favorite looks! So excited that it is still on-trend somewhere in the world. There is something so sophisticated about slim pants and a tunic top. I love it with both asymmetric and straight hems. Welcome back, and thank you so much for all the interesting pictures and commentary from the other side of the world! At my age and with my personality, I would only wear leggings in public with a long tunic, dress, or a skirt that came to my knees. The long white asymmetrical tunic is stunning!

It seems like a strange concept, but yet intriguing. Leggings with long, asymetrical tunics is an awesome idea for Seattle springs. I find its often too chilly to wear bare legs in the spring so this is a great way to switch things up after wearing my winter uniforms for so long. Hi Angie, welcome back. The first pin here has a knee length sweater dress so I thought it might not work. Leggings are a lighter weight alternative to jeans in luggage when traveling so it would be good to try.

I enjoyed reading through your leggings musings, and will make recommendations of fab leggings soon. Thanks for the welcomes back home. We are jet lagged and well. Skylurker, it was Winter, so leggings were full length at this time of year on the streets of HK. Black leggings worn under baggy black cropped pants looked amazing. Sveta, you are clever. I want to wear leggings under my flag and denim dress. I will need pointy toe black footwear though. I wear my non calf length long leggings scrunched at the ankle but all of these are cropped just above the ankle.

Is that more fashionable now? Would scrunched ones just look like athletic wear? Great ideas and inspiration, Angie. I just bought two more pairs of leggings, wondering whether I could really use them. But I really liked the fit and feel of them and figured if nothing else, I could wear them for working out.

One pair is black and the other navy. I pinned a couple of these yesterday that you had up. I love the chiffon tunic idea. Now I just need to find one. I also love the kimono tun jacket. I have been looking at one at Anthropolgie. Maybe it is time to pull the trigger the trigger. I have an outfit moto leggings and silk midi dress along these lines that I bought back in December and have yet to wear due to cold.

I saw this long black drapy trench coaty thing from Free People that might be just the ticket to get it moving. Being a dress fan atic , tunics are right up my alley. Welcome back intrepid travelers! It must be the structure they add — as you mentioned. For me leggings are very comfortable, so they have always been a FFBO staple.

The leggings as pants look is very popular in LA at the moment and lots and lots of women are looking really terrible as a result. At one point I was also very against skinny jeans, but now that I have a pair I really love them. They give a lot more support than leggings and I think can look good with a regular top. I do like skinny jeans as I wore them above with a large jumper or similar. They are just too hot for Singapore! Some like to cover their skin and many like to flaunt it.

Leggings are a hit and it is flattering to be in style. I would do the same for skinny jeans and not buy them too tight. Sounds like you look very stylish with leggings and skinny jeans indeed! Very nice guide on how to where leggings. I too love wearing leggings and tight jeans especially right now with the colder weather.

I pair it with short dresses, sweater dresses or long cardigans. Knee-high boots for sure. Thanks and welcome to 40plusstyle! Yes, they are great in cold weather. I know you are an expert at wearing them. It would be nice to feature some of your outfits in this post. This are a piece of clothing leggings,jeggings that I have not tried that much yet. I have two skinny jeans and so liking it but still I am not really that confident.

It shows some of those not good looking flabs, lol. So now I have to re-design my style especially if I am wearing skinny tights. Yes I know that feeling. I am a 70 year old women size 8 and still love fashion. I love dresses but have bad viens on my legs, so I wear pants or maxi dresses. Would it be ok to wear a slightly shorter dress lenght with leggins or would I look ridiculous!

I think that would be totally ok and can look very chic! Wear with a nice tunic or dress. You could combine with ankle booties or shoes with a 2. Thanks for your questions Valerie. Feel free to put images from you style up on the style forum. That is also a good place to ask more questions so I and others can help you. Hello, I am wondering if it is ok to wear a tunic dress with brown leggings and brown clark knee high boots in May?

I am going to a wedding rehearsal May 4th in California for my niece. But I am from the Seattle area. We wear boots here a bit longer in the spring because weather is cooler. I am 49 and the outfit is very age appropriate and have gotten complements on it.

Thank you for your help. Hi Liz, I think that you can wear boots in cooler weather all the time. But then you are saying that it is a wedding rehearsal so that should probably be fine.

For the real wedding I would try to wear dressier shoes and I would stay away from leggings too. Thank you Sylvia for your response. As it turned out it was fairly warm so I wore sandals with the outfit and it looked just fine. Yes I agree about legging and weddings. I wore a flowery, flowing spring colored dress and some black ankle strap sandals. I found out that boots are often wore almost year around there in Long Beach area. Thanks you again for your input.

I am 70 and tried on leggings today. They are so comfortable! I have a calf length winter coat. Thought my short boots looked funny, so bought long boots. Thanks for the great advice. Yes, longer cardigans and tunics are definitely the way to go with leggings. Hope you find something nice and I hope you can share your looks with us on the style forum! I am 62 and I got a pair of leggings from a friend for my birthday.

She said I should wear them to my yoga classes but I am concerned about wearing them out in public at my age. I love how comfy they are but the material is not much thicker then a pair of opaque tights. I been wearing them around the house but need some opinions on whether I should wear them out.

I would not wear them if they are see through, but other than that leggings for yoga are ok. If see through, then only wear them as you would tights. You are never too old to wear normal leggings for your normal clothes, but I would never wear them without a long tunic or short dress over them.

At 66, I wear my leggings all the time but never without a tunic or top that is long enough to cover both beast……. It is a Huge pet peeve of mine to see anyone, of any age, advertising!! Must keep those beast in the barn ladies! Leggings are wonderful but do wear them modestly. I wear them with a tunic and booties or high boots and feel great. Any top should fall below the butt area. I am over 60 and love leggins, but have trouble finding things to wear with them…longer tunics, etc.

Can you give me some advice? I often wear short dresses over leggings instead of tunics. There are no special places to find them but you can see them everywhere. Just go for a style that suits you. Hit the stores perhaps wearing your leggings, and try a few! If you through all my outfits in the what i wore section, you can see many of my own examples. The fabric is very high quality and a nice thickness.

The hems are fully finished—not raw edged like a lot of cheap leggings. All the comfort and styling without the mess! I feel that some things like wearing short skirts not minis I am able to get away with. I do like solid colors and more fitted dresses and tops. As I am single, I would still like to dress to impress.

I believe it immediately that you look a lot younger. So many Asians do; I can never guess the age of an Asian woman.

My site is dedicated to this topic so you will find articles throughout this site that tackle it. All the clothes I feature are in my opinion young and hip. I would say to trust your instinct. If you look in the mirror and it feels good to you, then it is. I am a 42 year old woman who happens to be African American. I am fit, a size 2 and look like I am about 29… I still get carded at the liquor store. I would like to know how I can maintain my style without looking too young.

While I prefer to look 29 vs 42 whatever 42 may look like, being stylish and chic is important to me. I also have trouble finding clothes sometimes because of my body type.

So pants are usually tough. I have a size 2 waist and a size 4 butt like a tiny Kim Kardashian. That is why I love my leggings and yoga pants. If you like to show both your waist and butt they sound like a good option.

You could consider uploading your photos to the style forum so we can all have a look and give you more detailed advice. I have several solid and patterned dresses that would work well for fall if I paired them with leggings. However, one colleague suggested that my dresses are too long fall just below the knee, since i am petite to wear with leggings. Should I consider having the dresses hemmed to just above the knee? Yes dresses over pants and leggings usually look nicer when the dress is a bit shorter.

That is usually how I wear the look check the what I wore section for lots of examples. For more ideas on how to dress the best when you are petite you can also check this article: Thank you so much for this write up on the leggings! The entire sites subject is exactly what I was looking for!

I turned 40 last March and I have been struggling with how to dress. I was especially leery of leggings at my age and your article has made me so much more comfortable to wear them.

I guess I just felt like I was supposed to dress like my mom did when she was 40 but after reading your posts I realize I can still dress fashionably without dressing too young for my age. They were like leggings but not the skinnies type.

They did form fit to the leg but rather had a smooth vertical look and did not hug the knee. I would kill for a pair now.

I had a great pair of black one when micro fiber first came out. Alas, they had a tear in them from being worn out and I have never been able to find another pair. Does anyone know if they still exist? Soft Surroundings have some! Hopefully will see more soon, since I think they work great with boots! Thanks for great advice on leggings for the over 40ss etc.

Was going to wear a jersey red dress — but thought this would be too dressed-up. A perfectly comfortable outfit. Thanks for providing the lowdown, and such great visuals of examples.

Sounds like the perfect outfit for the occasion Carmen. Great to read that this article inspired you! You can wear your leggings with summery jersey dresses.

This is especially nice when you select a great print. Another option is to choose a cotton short dress in a light color, like this breezy white dress https: You can also consider getting some white leggings and combine with a long cotton blouse or short dress as seen here https: I think ballet flats can work really well with leggings as can some funky sandals.

You can definitely consider navy which is a bit softer than black and can look really great with lots of colors. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! I thought it was a fashion faux pas to wear the black leggings with the lighter short dresses!

I like the outfits in your pics ……again, many many thanks!! I love the leggings and short dress look for both winter and summer. Is a dress over leggings still in vogue in your summer this year? Just found your blog via Pinterest — hooray! A reasonable voice in a sea of extremes! I love leggings, and wear them all year, usually with a fingertip-length tunic. Sewing is a passion, and I use a lot of chiffon and velvets in my tops. Here in Texas, a tunic, leggings, and cowboy boots are typical.

Again, thank you for the blog! Great to see you found your way to this website. Lots of articles to explore! There is one on Texas as well where I was indeed wearing leggings! Leggings look utterly ridiculous on anyone over When worn right, they can look really good.

My long time girl friend who was a buyer for Marshall Fields just got me onto leggings. I am in Florida and worn with a lovely summery top, look fantastic. My mother is 83, and looks wonderful in loose fitting leggings.

In paisley and other very flattering prints, they look great. Which is the comfort standard I always strive for. I like either way short or longer tops. Usually that would be a coat. But wear mine with moto jacket, fake fury vest and V-neck sweater as well like here… http: I have black leggings but when I wear them they are somewhat wrinkley looking or slightly bagging when getting up from sitting around knee area. Totally agree with you Sylvia.

Was just thinking the same thing. I keep coming back to this post because leggings can be so stylish and material mix can make a difference too. So love your advice here! Totally love my Adidas animal print grey leggings and have been wering them for 2 years now. Great for sightseeing in NYC see current post or everyday life. I just dont feel that comfortable wearing them the Chanel-style. Love the pics here Silvia though. But not for me.

Makes me feel hidden. Have a nice day! I have them in very many colors and designs … even in pastels yes ;-. I though do not like animal prints, except zebra, so this is not an issue for me. I had already started wearing skinny jeans and pants as soon as they made their comeback by , mostly with short dresses.

When it comes to shoes, to my opinion, everything goes but low sneakers which make me look as heading straight to the gym, though high sneakers are ok.

Age is not a factor to affect your looks, if you carry off what you wear with confidence. Belief in yourself is the key to fashion in the slightly higher age bracket. I am in a wheelchair and age My legs are ugly and I have poor circulation so I have to wear support socks or hose. So I always wear pants. My daughter is getting married in the fall and I have a off white vintage type tunic with a small gold embellishment between the breast she picked it out and plum color leggings.

Should I keep the flats or try to find something in the leggings color to match. Any other suggestions would help. Thank you so much. Is it OK to belt a long tunic or dress?

I love the cream leggings and outfits. Oh I so love that cream, sleeveless boat neck tunic with the asymmetric pleated hem. Perhaps a legging might work better than thick tights with that cream dress of mine.

But I have no money left. Yes, I love to wear leggings. I think this isy third time around. I wear them for casual and dressy. I also wear leggings over tights and under long johns in the winter. As well as having a successful career as an IT Architect. I wear leggings with my Vans tees and trainers all the time. If you are still toned and have the figure to get away with it then why not? I wear leggings with a sweater all the time, and sometimes with t shirts.

Sometimes it covers, sometimes not. Totally agree Karen, if you are fit and look good why not indeed. However I think the article is talking generally, Id bet the vast majority of over 40s 50s are not snowboarders or indeed i assume would look good in leggings and regular size tees. I admire your fitness, I was a PT for over 20 years until fibromyalgia took a hold and now most days I can barely walk around the house, I still want to look good though lol but now comfort is a very close second.

This article was written to give women ideas to hide their big bellies, if they have one. This article is very helpful to women like me. Do you have any advice about wearing a Tulle midi skirt …I am 67 size 12 waist and would like to wear a black tulle skirt to a wedding….. The wedding is in Paris and is a black themed wedding. This is my humble opinion. Leggings are too rugged for a tulle skirt, especially to a formal wedding. Secondly, if the wedding is in Paris, you need to be extremely confident about what you choose to wear.

Parisian women have an effortless and elegant style. I say go for simplicity and put your effort toward a really good, elegant pair of shoes that will accentuate the skirt.

I am short, and have short legs, so tunic tops make me look stubby. A good length is to shorten to the tips of your fingers with your arm extended at your side. Thank you for your tip, I am built like you lol and have terrible trouble buying clothes that fit and suit, I am 51 and 5ft and believe me every single lb shows up and is hard to loose. I am going to invest in a sewing machine and get snipping x.

All your advice seems to be for women who are short with apple or pear shapes. I suppose your advice would be to do the opposite to what you advise. I love your advice though. Tunics To Wear With Leggings. Autumn or can wear this Tunic Tshirt Dress in daily basic Free to Live Women's Long Casual Flowy Tunic Top. by Free to Live. $ - $ $ 6 $ 19 95 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. I often wear short dresses over leggings instead of tunics. There are no special places to find them but you can see them everywhere. Just go for a style that suits you. Hit the stores perhaps wearing your leggings, and try a few! If you through all my outfits in the what i wore section, you can see many of . Meet the tunic - the easy-to-wear, lengthy top for effortlessly stylish outfits! Cute tunics are perfect for on-the-go gals and fashionistas on the move. Our cute, vintage-inspired tunics are decorated in adorable details, and add charm to any outfit.

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